Källviken Semesterby
& Konferens

Caprivägen 61
452 90 Strömstad
+46 (0) 526-148 10

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Källviken Holiday resort & Conference centre Strömstad

Källviken Holiday resort & Conference centre, 5 km north of Strömstad and neighbour with Capri.

Car from south E6 or from north E6

Drive to Blomsholms junction number 112. Drive towards Strömstad. At the roundabout drive towards and through Seläter, you will see a Källvikens Semesterby sign on your right, follow thereafter the signs.


WGS 84 (lat, lon):                                     RT90:
N 58° 57.912', E 11° 7.470'                         6547594, 1230845
WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon):                      SWEREF99 TM:
58.96520, 11.12451                                    6542637, 277199

Train or by Bus

Train or bus to Strömstad railway station. A local bus can be taken during the summer months direct to Källvikens Holiday resort and conference Centre. During the off season the bus will stop at Källvikens bus stop ca 500 meter from the resort.


Telephone +46 (0) 526 14810. Ask for Källviken Holiday resort and Conference Centre